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About KH Chemicals

Since its founding in 1994, KH Chemicals has emerged as a worldwide business partner in the chemical industry. KH Chemicals has always been dedicated to its customers and suppliers. We are strongly focused on serving the needs of our customers and we strive for clear agreements on a fair and honest basis.


Our customers and suppliers know us as a pro-active company with short lines of communication and quick decisions. Because of this we have been able to expand our global network, developing more opportunities together with all our business partners. We believe that sharing information is valuable for all parties and can often create unexpected opportunities.


Whatever your demand or unique supply problem is, our team always finds the best solutions. This can only be achieved by feeling the momentum, adapting to changes and seizing the day! That’s why we are proud to have such a pioneering and flexible team.

Today’s market is very hectic, undergoing rapid changes as it becomes more and more transparent. KH Chemicals prides itself on facing and overcoming these challenges and has managed to develop into a healthy and financially stable company in the process. This is because our priority has always been to build up long-term friendships.


In the end: It’s all about people!

Mission & KHore Values


We are a reliable trading company active in the chemical industry. We provide products of excellent quality at a fair price and are clear and transparent in our dealings with customers and suppliers. Furthermore, we are a company that pays attention to the environment and strives for a pleasant working climate.

Building strategic partnerships

Feeling for momentum

Challenge & collaborate

Action rather than words

It's all about People


Founding of  KH Chemicals







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